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FTS: Financial Tracking Sevice

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  • Organisation: UNOCHA
  • Type de document: Site thématique
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  • Langue: Anglais

Thèmes Techniques
  • Urgences
Thèmes Organisationnels
  • Stratégie,
  • Partenariat,
  • Mobilisation de ressources,
  • Management,
  • Gestion financiere,
  • Finacements

FTS aims to present a complete picture of all international humanitarian funding flows. Since 1992, it has collected reports on humanitarian funding flows submitted by Government donors, UN-administered funds, UN agencies, NGOs and other humanitarian actors and partners, including the private sector.

FTS verifies and combines these reports using a consistent methodology, ensuring that data is fully comparable and presented as a seamless whole. FTS is continuously updated and provides:

  • visibility on financial contributions to humanitarian activities
  • a timely and continuously updated picture of funding flows between donors (government and private sector) and recipient organizations (e.g. UN agencies, the Red Cross Movement, and NGOs)
  • timely monitoring of funding progress against humanitarian response plan and appeal requirements.
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